Lou’s love for children

Even as a young boy, Lou had a special affinity and love for children. Often Lou would mind his younger siblings while his mother was out working. Lou’s interest in children continued through his twenties and while in the military his first leave from service was spent at on orphanage in Germany where he cared, played and even fed the children.

Throughout the rest of his life Lou has maintained a special interest in children and their welfare –children from all walks of life. Lou visits and spends time with abused children and children of special needs bringing them gifts and necessities. Lou was named “The Toy Man” by Entertainment News and Views of Miami for his continues gifts to children. On any given day, Lou has in his car more than 100 gifts for children (stuffed animals and bags) and he always seeks out the opportunity to bring joy and a smile to a child’s face with one of his gifts and his love.

Lou is currently working with first graders at Bay Harbor Elementary school to adopt a classroom and assist them in obtaining vital missing school needs. Lou’s long term goal is to create a unique foundation to help all children in need regardless of age, race, nationality and culture: “Put a Big Smile on Little Faces.”

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