Dog Show -The Musical
- An original musical comedy being created for family audiences around the world.
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Luigi, a con-artist mixed breed dog from the Bronx stumbles upon an international Dog Show. When he finds out there is a one hundred thousand dollar prize and a gold winner’s cup, he decides to enter. He claims he comes from Rome, and his pedigree papers were inside his luggage that was lost at the airport.

Luigi competes against eight other international champion show dogs each with their own whimsical, delightful and captivating personalities. Other cast members include Colonel Briggs, the military style trainer for the dogs, Jose the campy announcer that acts as unofficial chaperone for the dogs. There are dancers known as the Mutts who add comedy to the show.

The tension and excitement mounts as everyone waits with baited breath for the straight-laced Judge Alexis McGhee to announce who is best in Show. Luigi ultimately proves that anyone with a passion for life, an open mind and love in his heart is already a winner.
Mac Parking, Inc is Associate Producer of Dog Show -The Musical.

The Laundry Room

Drama/Comedy series for Television and/or Feature Film

In the late 1970s, gambling was approved in the State of New Jersey and Captain Mancuso is appointed to head a special investigation unit to deal with potential crime associated with gambling. Officials formed the unit with a unique variety of characters who ultimately become a crack unit of crime investigators engaging against political corruption, organized crime and prostitution. Based on actual events.

La Cage Review

Producing and creating additional road show productions of La Cage for various venues throughout the US and around the world.

Additional Projects

  • La Cage –The Reality TV show
  • Dance Spectaculars for Cruise ships
  • OpenAudition –unique workshops for aspiring talent


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